16 Premium WordPress Theme Download Sites

If you’re not a WordPress hacker and not interested in becoming one, you’ll probably use one of the pre-made themes from WordPress.org that are accessible from the “Appearance” => “Themes” => “Install Themes” page in the WordPress Dashboard. While many of those themes are great, the best of them are probably over-used, which can make…


“Store Brands” – there’s something to it (or they wouldn’t do it).

Private Label MagazineAt first, products marketed using a private label or “Store Brand” (like “President’s ChoiceTM“) were seen as a low-cost replacement for name brand products. People bought private label brands because they were less expensive, but didn’t flock to them in droves or identify much with the brand. Using “No NameTM” products wasn’t exactly something to brag about.

This situation has changed. Over time, private label products have saturated the marketplace and are often as good as the “name” brands. There’s no shame in them anymore (if there ever really was) and many people actually swear by them.

Your Customers

SEO: Finding The Delicate Balance

In one of the scam-artist versions of The Fast Track to Internet RichesTM
All I need to do is:

  1. create a blog rich in high-traffic keywords,
  2. sprinkle it liberally with Affiliate Marketing Ads and Google AdSense links,
  3. sit back and watch the money flow in.

This is all fine and dandy, but assume I create a site like that: what value have I added to anything?

Copy that’s written for search engines isn’t actually readable by humans. It’s buzzword rich and information poor, insulting to readers and demeaning to those who produce it, because it requires one to create within a rigid framework that produces inanities. It turns potential poets into hacks.


WP Robot: Awesome “auto-blog” Plugin for WordPress

I know I’ve railed against low-quality web content in the past, and I’m still of the opinion that there are too many “directory” sites out there with little or no value, as well as hordes of poorly-written sites aimed primarily at search engine crawlers. HOWEVER … I do believe there is a place for automated…


Choosing Which Clickbank.com Products To Promote

Clickbank.com is a legitimate business that handles electronic credit card processing and affiliate programs for hundreds of products. They provide an invaluable service to many vendors who encounter problems with traditional solutions because of the expense of a merchant account or simply due to the complexity of setting up tracking mechanisms for e-commerce affiliate programs.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to put much effort into verifying the quality of their publishers. They do respond quickly to complaints and are quick to issue refunds, so it balances out and I don’t doubt the honesty and essentially law-abiding nature of Clickbank.com themselves.

What their easy approval process means, though, is that some of what is available through Clickbank.com is of questionable value, and occasionally warrants the label of “scam”. (See “The Dream of Internet Riches – or Welcome to Scam Central“)

The type of scam varies, but usually it’s either a subscription-based site that purports to aggregate information about a subject, or a variation on the old mail-order get-rich-quick manual scam: “do exactly what I’m doing and you’ll find more suckers like yourself”.


Using Google AdWords for Test Marketing

I just launched a site on behalf of a client that’s intended to collect resumes for addition to a database.

The client is a research specialist in the Recruitment Industry with 12 years of experience and an internal database of over 150,000 Canadian company locations, including ones that are hard to find like distribution centers and internal departments that aren’t usually listed elsewhere.

What we’re doing with the resumes is matching them up with locations so we can use the database to search not only for Companies, but also for Candidates for positions. There are already over 1 million Candidates in our database, but the linkage between Candidates and Locations is spotty, so we’re developing a methodology to improve the correlations.


OpenX Ad Server Installation Instructions

I settled on the free version of OpenX as my tool of choice for managing affiliate advertising for a network of over 500 web sites. Having tested many advertising management solutions, I’m well pleased with my decision.

Here are my conclusions on OpenX and some quick instructions. My previous articles were somewhat disjointed and people seem to want this information so this makes it easier to find.

Here are my final remarks (excerpted from the previous article):

The Installation Process
Pretty simple if you grab the correct installation package. The one you want is located at:


Stop Usage-Based Billing of Canadian Internet Access!

I’ve been following this issue with growing outrage for the past few weeks. Please sign the petition below.

This whole push by Canadian Telecoms is an admitted attempt to “monetize” the increase in online video usage, and protect vested interests in the Phone and Cable industries. They want to make it so that only they can offer video online without exorbitant fees, and block others from even entering the marketplace.

Like YouTube? Say goodbye to it in Canada if these guys have their way. Enjoy downloading and watching video content on various websites? Say goodbye. You’re not going to do it if you have to pay through the nose for it. You’ll be trapped paying telecoms (twice) to get access to stuff that’s currently free, or to access cable television over IP networks, and what you get to see will be controlled by whoever owns the Telecoms.

It’s anti-competitive, anti-democratic and a big scam. Don’t let it happen.


WordPress MU and WordPress MU Domain Mapping

This combination is fantastic for hosting multiple blogs without having to configure each from scratch. I can’t emphasize enough how useful it is. The WordPress Codex calls this a “Site Network”.

WordPress MU is a built-in capability of WordPress that allows you to host multiple blogs on the same server using sub-directories or sub-domains, which means I could map “anyblog.savagelullabye.com/” or “www.savagelullabye.com/anyblog/” and have it show up instantly with a pre-chosen set of plugins, available themes, etc. It also allows you to share users and content across multiple blogs with the addition of a few extra plugins that take advantage of the MU functionality.