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The following is not a quick fix, but it’s the only way to provide lasting results. In the traditional world of retail, location is everything. Online, information is. Information serves the same role as location, which is to get traffic into your “store”. Put yourself in the mindset of someone who’s looking for books like…

Choosing Which Products To Promote is a legitimate business that handles electronic credit card processing and affiliate programs for hundreds of products. They provide an invaluable service to many vendors who encounter problems with traditional solutions because of the expense of a merchant account or simply due to the complexity of setting up tracking mechanisms for e-commerce affiliate programs.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to put much effort into verifying the quality of their publishers. They do respond quickly to complaints and are quick to issue refunds, so it balances out and I don’t doubt the honesty and essentially law-abiding nature of themselves.

What their easy approval process means, though, is that some of what is available through is of questionable value, and occasionally warrants the label of “scam”. (See “The Dream of Internet Riches – or Welcome to Scam Central“)

The type of scam varies, but usually it’s either a subscription-based site that purports to aggregate information about a subject, or a variation on the old mail-order get-rich-quick manual scam: “do exactly what I’m doing and you’ll find more suckers like yourself”.

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Download Games | Download Demos | Download Full Version Video Games This is barely an article, just a link to something so cool I HAD to tell people about it. The free trial of this service lasts for 5 days, and you can do a lot of downloading in that much time. That will be…

Using Google AdWords for Test Marketing

I just launched a site on behalf of a client that’s intended to collect resumes for addition to a database.

The client is a research specialist in the Recruitment Industry with 12 years of experience and an internal database of over 150,000 Canadian company locations, including ones that are hard to find like distribution centers and internal departments that aren’t usually listed elsewhere.

What we’re doing with the resumes is matching them up with locations so we can use the database to search not only for Companies, but also for Candidates for positions. There are already over 1 million Candidates in our database, but the linkage between Candidates and Locations is spotty, so we’re developing a methodology to improve the correlations.

Progress Report

If anybody out there is paying attention, you’ve noticed that the month of November was pretty much a write off as far as this blog is concerned.

That’s not because I haven’t made any progress, but because I’ve been doing legwork and pulling various things together. I’ve also made major progress on a project for a big client.

The 500+ domains I recently took control of are all now either hosted with my ISP or parked with Google and generating a trickle of income.

First Up: OpenX

When I download “OpenX” from SourceForge, I get “”. Hmmm…

Here’s Openads’ inspired marketing copy, found in the README.txt file that comes with the compressed download from SourceForge:

Openads is an open-source ad server, with an integrated banner management
interface and tracking system for gathering statistics. With Openads you
can easily rotate paid banners and your own in-house advertisements. You can
even integrate banners from third party advertising companies.

Oh well, they’re programmers not marketers and the “product” is free, so why bother much with marketing? Either it speaks for itself by being near the top of its class, or it dies.


I’m currently adding dozens of Affiliate links to my adpeeps back-end, and then creating “zones” for my ads. Each zone accepts a particular size of ad, and Adpeeps allows me to “target” zones with ads. Then I’ll generate some javascript code that I can plug in to the appropriate spot on each web site I’ve…