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Are you looking for more exposure? Want some free publicity? Members are invited to take advantage of this offer. I will: host an interview, guest post or press release for any of you post the article and a link to your book or site to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (once), and other Social Media sites…

more free ways to promote yourself as an author (social media for SEO)

This article is a continuation of the topic introduced in free ways to promote yourself as an author and covers three important self-promotion tools; Google+, Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing, simple yet often painstakingly detailed approach to generating traffic online. For the most part, you can find ways…

Using Google AdWords for Test Marketing

I just launched a site on behalf of a client that’s intended to collect resumes for addition to a database.

The client is a research specialist in the Recruitment Industry with 12 years of experience and an internal database of over 150,000 Canadian company locations, including ones that are hard to find like distribution centers and internal departments that aren’t usually listed elsewhere.

What we’re doing with the resumes is matching them up with locations so we can use the database to search not only for Companies, but also for Candidates for positions. There are already over 1 million Candidates in our database, but the linkage between Candidates and Locations is spotty, so we’re developing a methodology to improve the correlations.

Progress Report

If anybody out there is paying attention, you’ve noticed that the month of November was pretty much a write off as far as this blog is concerned.

That’s not because I haven’t made any progress, but because I’ve been doing legwork and pulling various things together. I’ve also made major progress on a project for a big client.

The 500+ domains I recently took control of are all now either hosted with my ISP or parked with Google and generating a trickle of income.

The Goog Update

So I’ve been playing around some more with Google Adsense, and I’ve discovered that it’s even cooler than anticipated. I recently got control of over 500 domain names by working a revenue-sharing deal with the owner. Basically, I agreed to handle monetizing the domains for a 50/50 split of revenue. Since those 500+ domains were…

The Goog

Alright, it’s official. Google kicks ass. Not only can you create an “Adsense” account, which lets you get paid to put a few links on your site, but you can park domain names and get paid for click-thrus there, too. You can also create pages, host your domain’s email, use full-featured calendar, email, RSS aggregator,…