The E Myth Revisited

I was aware of this book for several years before finally getting around to reading it. I don’t know what I expected, but the book’s popularity turned me off and made me not want to jump on the bandwagon. The thing about books that make a splash though, at least in the business category, is…

Must-Read Books for Web Site Entrepeneurs

Web Design for ROI is a book I wish all of my clients would read. It covers everything from what type of content to include, to how to arrange and organize it, to how to use analytics to increase conversions, to how to track the Return On Investment to make a hard-numbers business case for your website activities. It’s even got some good quotes you can use in arguments.

The book explains in simple language how to ensure that your website adds value to your business. It’s like Paco Underhill’s
Why We Buy
, but for the web.

Web Design For Roi“…trust your gut, but verify. By all means, take chances, fly like an eagle and swim with the sharks. All we ask is that when you climb out of that shark cage, allow metrics to tell you which instincts are worth further investment and which just aren’t panning out. Without some sort of testing and validation cycle, the home page is vulnerable to design driven by ego and politics, rather than accountable – if visionary – strategy and verifiable goals.”