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My services focus primarily on the needs of Bloggers and Authors trying to promote their books and themselves. I’m here to help beginners and those under time-pressure get up and running quickly.

When you need to focus on making connections and getting the word out, these technical details can be a critical bottleneck, causing unnecessary delays and stress. I can take the hassle out of Moving Your Blog and integrating your Blog or Site with Social Media, freeing you to concentrate on your message instead of fiddling around with detail work.
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WordPress Blog Setup
Facebook Fan Page Setup And Customization
Twitter Page Customization
Web Site Hosting
Social Media Strategy and Automation



WordPress Blog Setup

I can set up your WordPress site on a self-hosted server and:

  • assist you in Moving Your Blog from Blogger/Blogspot,, or any other free hosting service and/or applying a domain name to it
  • include a set of plugins that will allow you to:
    • Get up and running right away with a full-featured, attractive layout.
    • Publish to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger/Blogspot and Delicious whenever you add a Post to your Blog.
    • Automatically generate Post Tags in order to simplify SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • I can also enable a wide range of additional functionality, from e-commerce integration to paid membership sites, members-only sections, pay-per-download, image galleries, multi-site servers, and just about anything the WordPress platform is capable of supporting.
  • Theme Creation or Customization: If you’d like to set up a site, but don’t want it to look like a Blog, I can do that, too.

s2Member® (WordPress Membership Plugin)


Facebook Fan Page Setup And Customization

Facebook Fan Page HeaderI can help you

  • set up a Facebook Fan Page for your Book, Blog, or Author,
  • link it to an existing Twitter account, so that Facebook Fan Page posts are automatically Tweeted with Title and Link,
  • enable a WordPress Self-Hosted Blog to publish new posts and pages to both Facebook and Twitter, making it a one-stop platform for publishing to all three,
  • customize the Cover and Profile pictures to reflect your Brand by modifying or combining existing assets into a pleasing whole,
  • schedule Facebook Fan Page posts in advance – which will also be published to Twitter – so you’re not tied to your computer every day of the week.



Twitter Page Customization

I can help you

  • Create a custom header and background for your Twitter Profile page.
  • Incorporate your Book, Web Site, or other Branding elements into your design.
  • Schedule and automate your Tweets.
  • Integrate your Twitter feed into a Strategy that includes your entire Social Media Presence.

Make sure your audience has a consistent experience across all of your Web Properties and Social Media. Keep a consistent Brand and recognizable navigation elements so your audience knows what to expect (and keeps coming back).


Web Site Hosting

I’m pleased to be able to offer flexible and robust Web Site Hosting through my very own Hosting Company,, where you can host a full-featured domain with unlimited storage and bandwidth for as little as $3.08 a month (Canadian Dollars).

If you’re thinking about using my services, rest assured that I can work with any capable hosting service.

Other hosting services that I’d recommend:

  • Dreamhost I have a soft spot for Dreamhost because they’re the first ISP I used extensively when I stopped doing all the hosting tech myself and got rid of my T1. They’re a “Green” (carbon-neutral) hosting service that was started by a bunch of college students and has achieved lasting success. In over 7 years, hosting hundreds of domains, I’ve never had a problem.
  • Go Daddy is the largest ISP on the planet, so you’ve probably already heard of them and seen their commercials. They provide a robust service, but do tend to nickel-and-dime you for every little thing, in spite of generally low prices for hosting. Not my personal preference, but a solid choice with responsive customer service.
  • A2 Hosting With an easy cPanel control panel, A2 Hosting is one of the simpler services to manage. cPanel has become something of a standard with mid-sized ISPs, with intuitive features and great support in hundreds of forums.



Social Media Strategy and Automation

As Social Media sites proliferate, it becomes more and more difficult to manage the various accounts and maintain a consistent presence on all of them. I can help you turn a self-hosted WordPress site into a platform for broadcasting to all of your Social Media accounts, or recommend software solutions for each Social Media site that allow you to schedule posts and manage multiple accounts.

I can help you decide on posting policies and best practices:

  • who to follow,
  • what to post,
  • when to post,
  • where to post,
  • how to post,
  • and why.

…setting well-defined objectives for track-able results and ROI.

More to come. I’ve really only exposed the tip of an iceberg in terms of what I’m able to help you achieve. I’ll be updating this post daily for a few more days as I find the time.